The Fabulous Flocks is a graphic novel inspired by the true story of NASCAR pioneers the Flock family. The four-volume set follows the Flocks from their hardscrabble roots as Georgia bootleggers through the early days of dirt track races to the beginnings of America’s favorite sport.


facingpageTHE FABULOUS FLOCKS: BOOK ONE  Dawsonville Days (1932-39)  

In this exciting introduction, we meet the young Bob and Fonty Flock, two boys living in Georgia. They bring moonshine into Macon for their city customers by towing a wagon. Later, we find them in Atlanta making a dangerous bootlegging run from Dawsonville into Atlanta in a souped-up Ford Pickup truck. There are lawmen laying for them on the road, but master mechanic Fonty Flock has a few tricks up his sleeve. You’ll be on the edge of your chair with this thrilling adventure.


THE FABULOUS FLOCKS: BOOK TWO  Dirt Tracks and Grudges (1939-42)

The boys are cutting their teeth on the fast and dangerous sport of dirt track racing. There’s word of serious money down in Florida, but the disagreements between Bob and Fonty come to a head over a woman. Old enemies resurface, and disaster strikes just as America goes to war.

THE FABULOUS FLOCKS BOOK THREE There’s War and There’s War (1942-48)

THE FABULOUS FLOCKS BOOK FOUR You Gotta Be Kidding Me (1948-1960)


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