The Fabulous Flocks is a work of fiction based on real people. This page describes the characters as they appear in the book.


Bob Flock is the eldest of the three, a serious man whose practicality belies his wildness. Bob’s got a temper and, when angered, is apt to shoot first and ask questions later. He had a sense of responsibility and duty toward his younger siblings, but is more than willing to go neck-and-neck with them in a contest.




fontyFonty Flock is the dashing middle brother. As handsome as he is confident, Fonty sometimes bites off more than even he can chew. Quick with a joke and a smile, this ladies’ man won’t back down from any challenge. He’s a master mechanic and among the most skilled drivers ever to race a stock car.




timTim Flock is the baby of the trio. He starts off wide-eyed and innocent, but soon develops his own set of skills to rival those of his brothers. He’s every bit as stubborn as they are, too, and will go head to head in any challenge. His sense of showmanship outshines even Fonty’s, and he loves the attention that his many fans heap on him.




ethelEthel Flock Mobley is the “odd man out…” because she’s not a man at all. Every bit as skilled as her brothers, she fights the stereotype that girls can’t drive race cars. She and her wealthy husband Charlie Mobley set out both back her brothers and help her break in to the male-dominated world of stock car racing.




lloydLloyd Seay Fonty’s arch-rival, a crazy daredevil who’ll stop at nothing to win, especially if he has a grudge.

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