The Fabulous Flocks is a full-color graphic novel based on the true story of NASCAR pioneers Fonty, Bob, Tim and Ethel Flock.  The four-volume series chronicles the rise of these remarkable people from hardscrabble Georgia roots to deadly dirt track racing and finally to the winner’s circle at Daytona.

Book One: Dawsonville Days  starts in rural Georgia where the boys deliver moonshine to customers in Macon using a wagon pulled by dogs the inventive Fonty has harnessed. The boys soon are running moonshine down the perilous Dawsonville Road to Atlanta. Cops and enemies lurk at every turn, and old rivalries turn into a deadly race down the mountain in the thrilling adventure.



Book Two: Dirt Tracks and Death tells the story of the early years of racing on the round mud tracks carved out of deep-south cotton fields. Fonty, Bob and Tim race all comers, but their fiercest competition is with one another. Ethel Flock Mobley fights harder than anyone because girls aren’t supposed to race… no matter how good they are.

book2 cover